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Update ....


Hello world! How have you all been? I'm doing fairly well, I'm finally adjusting to this using only my left hand stuff. It's getting easier each day which is a good feeling. As you'll be able to see from the image, I've had the cast taken off and replaced with two splints. Both have to stay on 24/7 at the moment. I'm regularly seeing a hand therapist and they're amazing. They started my physiotherapy the Thursday after the surgery and seeing as it's 3 weeks next week, they'll be increasing the amount of physio I'm doing. The wound is healing very well and no signs of infection. The movement in my fingers is getting a lot better including the damaged finger (index finger). The hand therapist has said that it's hardly going to scar either which I was overjoyed about. I'd just like to thank everyone who's sent me best wishes messages, I appreciate them all so much! Can't believe it's almost 3 weeks already - time is flying by! Overall, everything is going well with no problems at this stage so hopefully this continues! Anyway, take care everyone - chat soon! :) ox

A Problem ....


So for a while there's not going to be any updates. As you can probably tell from the image, my hand is in a cast (a splint like one). The story behind this is that, I was doing the washing up on Wednesday evening then out of the blue a glass tumbler smashed and the glass went straight into my hand. After spending a while controlling the bleeding, dad took me to A&E (Accident & Emergency). They looked at my hand and said that a plastic surgeon needed to look at it. The plastic surgeon looked and said I may have damaged the tendon and told me to come back to the hospital the next morning (Thursday). The next morning, my dad dropped me off at the hospital. My other half came with me for support too. After waiting 9.5 hours to be seen, I finally got taken into the surgery room. They put me under local anasthetic to numb the hand and then proceeded to make the wound bigger to check the tendons in my finger. She confirmed that I had damaged the tendon and they would have to proceed with the surgery to repair it, so 23 minutes later the procedure was done and my hand was put in the cast. It's got to stay like this for at least 6-8 weeks and I've still got to be careful with it for a further 6 months after the cast is off. So please be patient, I'll update once my hand has recovered! :)

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The sites a mess, I know! It's being sorted though :) I'm having to re-code the entire site due to my previous host closing without warning so I've lost all my previous data! Layout is only temporary until I get a chance to re-design it.

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