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Time Away ...

02nd December 2016

Hi there! Since my last post in November, things haven't improved whatsoever. If anything, they've got worse. I'm still feeling incredibly unwell. For those that read the blogs I post, you may remember that I posted about having a CT Scan done on my sinuses. Those results came back as OK with a minor issue in the center. However, I still am getting sinus symptoms and my doctor is convinced there is a problem with them. I went back today after having to take a day off work due to feeling incredibly unwell with a suspected sinus headache, body aches and a lot of stomach pain. I've now been referred to an ENT specialist who can look into this further and hopefully find out what's causing this to reoccur. I also got re-diagnosed with Gastritis so I'm back on my tablets and not being able to eat much.

Due to the fact I'm not feeling well at all at the moment, there will be no updates for a while until I feel well enough to start updating again. Also, replies to messages may have a delay on them so if you're one of those impatient people that doesn't like others to have a life and expect them to constantly talk to you then you'll have to deal with the fact that I'm unlikely to respond to you at all. The more you pester me, the less likely I am to respond. My health comes before someone who's incredibly needy! Anyway, enough of the ranting side. I'm off to take another nap as I can barely keep my eyes open right now - toodles! ox

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