12.08.17 - Creating Actions Tutorial
12.08.17 - Creating Gradients Tutorial
05.08.17 - Colour Scheme PSD Tutorial
05.08.17 - Colour Orbs Tutorial
05.08.17 - 14 Textures
05.08.17 - 6 Sign Borders
05.08.17 - 12 Sign Backgrounds
05.08.17 - 53 Cutouts
30.07.17 - 110 Fonts

Temporary Break


Due to multiple health problems currently, I'm not feeling well enough to be online for long periods of time. I've been struggling with a high tempreture, chest infections, acid reflux attacks and other things alongside these issues. Until I get my health sorted, I won't be updating much but I will however keep an eye on the c-box incase anyone changes URL, requests to be affiliates etc! I know this site still looks bare and I'm trying to get it up and running again but it's currently very difficult to do. I hope you guys all understand and please be patient, I'm currently attending doctor and hospital appointments to try figuring out what's going on with me and to hopefully get it all under control. ♥