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An Update On The Updates ...

16th January 2017

Firstly, Happy New Year to everyone! Better late than never to say that right? Anyway, this post is a brief one to explain a few things. I had a time where I felt slightly better and thought - Yay we're heading in the right direction! However, on Saturday 14th January 2017 I experienced a severe flare up of my stomach condition and was almost rushed to hospital because of it.

I phoned the non-emergency number after 2 hours with no improvement. They assessed me over the phone and asked me one question about my symptoms and because I said yes to it, they said they were sending an emergency ambulance out to my home address. The ambulance arrived and I had to get my other half to answer the door because I was incapable of moving at all without horrific pain in my stomach. They took my blood pressure which came back as 141/86 and kept an eye on me to see if it lowered. They also done an ECG & pricked my finger for blood. They were originally going to take me straight to the hospital but due to the amount of stomach bugs up there currently, they said it could potentially make me feel worse if I caught one and would only admit me if the out of hours GP weren't able to see me that night. Luckily, they were able to but I had to wait hours for a call back for an appointment. I eventually got a call at 12am and my appointment was booked for 12:30am.

The paramedics who were with me have said I should have been referred to have my stomach investigated further and were surprised when I told them I hadn't been and was just continuously getting tablets. It was the worst pain I've experienced with my stomach yet and I'm now very limited to what I'm allowed to eat and drink. I'm only allowed sips of water and nothing else to drink and as for food, the list of food I can't eat is longer than the list of foods I can. I'm hoping to see my GP tomorrow (Tuesday 17th January 2017) and with any luck, I'll get this referral and get this problem discovered and cured!

In my last post, I mentioned my ENT appointment had come through. They've only gone and cancelled it, I've now got to wait for them to contact me to get it re-booked! Well, best be prepared for a few more months of sinusitis on top of everything else! I hope this post explains why the updates have been a bit slack but I will try getting some more up asap! Just been told to rest for a few days so hopefully that'll allow the medication to start taking effect again and ease the pain a little. Apologies for the essay, if you read the whole post to the end then thank you! :)

New Layout ...

19th December 2016

Hello! So I've had the old layout up since September and decided it was time for a change. I hope you all like the new layout either way - please leave me feedback on it :) Anyway, hope you're all doing well. I'm starting to feel much better. Turns out the cause of my breathlessness was due to acid reflux, I recently got a flare up of Gastritis and was put back on tablets known as Lansoprazole. I'm now on the 3rd week of them and my breathing has already improved so much! As for my sinusitis - not so much. I've been sent the letter to book my appointment at the hospital and looks like I'm waiting until the 24th February 2017 (awaiting official confirmation from the hospital themselves). It's a long wait but hopefully they can do something to get rid of these sinus infections! :) Well, there's not much more to chat about so I'll end this post here. I'm now off work until the 4th January 2017 so I'm hoping to get some updates in over this time - keep checking back. I'll also post any new updates on my Facebook page (see icons above cbox for links). Toodles! ♥ ox

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