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New Layout

19th November 2017

Hello! So I've decided seeing as Halloween is over that I better change the site's layout so here's the new one. I hope you all like the new look. So in the previous post, I wanted to tell you something that's quite exciting for me and I can now finally reveal what it is. So after months of financial struggles, I decided it was time to take a step forward with my life. I ended up applying for a job which was full time instead of part time. The company called me the following day wanting to arrange an interview. I had the interview and got offered the job by the time the interview finished. I was over the moon! The only thing that was then standing in my way was my other job which was slap bang in the middle of the day. I handed my notice in for that once I had a build up of clients and as of Friday 17th November, that job is now over. I will miss working with the children and the 2 lovely ladies I had the pleasure of working with, but this is a whole new chapter in my life. I am now Self-Employed and so far I can't fault this job at all. I absolutely love it! Seeing as I am now working from 8:00am until 5:45pm, I'm not going to updating much during weekdays. Instead, on weekends where I'm free, I'll attempt to do large updates. I haven't got round to doing any yet but hopefully soon! Keep checking back or follow me on Facebook as any new updates will also be posted there too. Hope you're all doing well & until the next blog - toodles :) ox