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20/9: New Layout
18/9: 2 Actions
17/9: 2 Sign Decos
17/9: 3 Colour Schemes
23/8: 2 Sign Decos
19/8: 10 Sign Decos
19/8: Domain Header V2
19/8: 2 Colour Schemes
18/8: Testimonial Section
18/8: Web Store Launched
16/8: 1 Coming Soon Layout
16/8: 1 Changing Layout
13/8: 17 Textures
11/8: 3 Website Templates
10/8: 20 Actions
08/8: Coding Tutorial
08/8: 25 Photoshop Tutorials
07/8: Colour Schemes Revamped
03/8: 37 Object PNG's
03/8: 12 Sign Backgrounds
02/8: 2 Sunvectors
02/8: 1 Domain Layout

New Layout

20th September 2016

After the previous post regarding the lack of updates recently, I decided to change the sites layout. A part of me still prefers the previous one but I suppose that's because I've had it for so long. Not much has changed on this new one, the style is very similar and I tried making it a little brighter. However, I did keep the purple theme going seeing as it's my favourite colour. I hope you like it, please feel free to leave me feedback - especially if you find errors or maybe parts that don't match the colour scheme or appear faulty as it could've been missed accidentally. I scrapped at least 2 other versions of this layout - it's crazy! I kept the headers but discarded the coding for them because I hated them. This post will be short and sweet but updates have gradually been getting added and more will follow as time goes on. Currently working on a bunch but if there's anything specific you wish to see added or updated then please leave me a comment and I'll work on it :) I'm also feeling much better now so I have more motivation to edit again now I'm not cooped up in bed all day. That's all for today - toodles! ♥

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