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In case you don't know, I'm Nicole and I'm the owner of this site. This site provides resources & tutorials. If there's something not on this site that you'd like to see, please send me a message through Facebook and if it's possible then it will be added.


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Last Updated: 7th January 2020 | 19:46PM

Empty Cache & Hard Reload

This tutorial will show the user how to clear their cache and do a hard reload on Google Chrome. This is usually effective when you're having problems with the browser not reflecting CSS changes. Clearing the cache alone doesn't usually work so this process is required to force the browser to update the version so it matches your website's CSS coding.

You'll probably already have your browser open at this stage. Go to the website which isn't working correctly and on your keyboard press F12. The example below is showing an example of Chrome not updating to my CSS coding. Clearing my cache alone DIDN'T work.

Next, a screen will appear on the right hand side of your browser with a load of coding and other information. Ignore all of this and right click on the Refresh button at the top of the screen (located beside your address bar).

You'll then get 3 options appear. Select Empty Cache and Hard Reload. Your browser will process this request and will reload your website gradually (depending on broadband speed etc will depend on how long this takes).

Once it's reloaded your website, it should have corrected the problem (as shown below). If it doesn't, I found repeating this process but click Hard Reload on it's own works too. It's the 2nd option on the list.