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In case you don't know, I'm Nicole and I'm the owner of this site. This site provides resources & tutorials. If there's something not on this site that you'd like to see, please send me a message through Facebook and if it's possible then it will be added.


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Last Updated: 7th January 2020 | 19:46PM

Managing Extensions

This tutorial was designed to show the user how to manage their Chrome extensions. This is a relatively easy task to do, therefore, this tutorial is relatively short.

Open Chrome and in the search bar at the top, type chrome://extensions. Press the Enter key once you've done this.

All of your extensions will now appear, whether they're active or not. On this page, you'll be able to turn extensions on and off. This page also allows you to access the Chrome Web Store to add further extensions to your browser if desired. The section with the purple circle around it (below) is the option that indicates if an extension is active. If the switch is blue, it's active. If it's grey, it's not. Where the red circle is in the top left corner, this is where you'll find the Chrome Web Store. If you click on those 3 lines, then see next stage to find out how to access it.

Simply look towards the bottom and click on Open Chrome Web Store to access the store and add new extensions to your browser.