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Colour Orbs

All you'll need for this tutorial is an image and a desired colour scheme.

Step One

Start by opening your desired image. Then create a New Layer above it.

Step Two

Select the Brush tool and using the default brushes at the top - match your setting's to the one's below.

Step Three

Select your desired Foreground Colour and click the image as many times as you like. Add as many or as little orbs as you like.

Step Four

Change your Orb Layer's setting's from Normal to Screen. If it seems to bright, you can always lower the Opacity a bit too.

Step Five - Optional

If you wish to add a pattern on your orbs, then double click the orb layer. A blending options box should appear. Go to Pattern Overlay, select your desired pattern and settings. Once you're happy, press OK to save the changes.