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Creating Actions

Step One

Start by ensuring you have Photoshop opened & that you have an image loaded. Then in the Actions tab (this is located on the right hand side), click on the folder icon.

Once clicked, this will open up a box in the center of your screen. It will ask you to give the folder a name. Name the folder what you please e.g. action 1 etc.

Step Two

If not automatically selected, select the folder you just created ensuring it turns blue (as shown below). Next, press on the New Action icon which is located next to the new folder icon.

A similar menu box will appear in the center of the screen. This time it will ask you to name your action which again you can name whatever you wish. Press Record once you've named your file. Once you've pressed the record button, it will start recording. Simply begin adding your effects to the image. Please note, it will record any action you take on Photoshop including undos etc.

Once you're happy with the action, press the stop button to stop recording.